Thursday, January 16, 2014

Elevator Pitches

A short, but noteworthy, article on pitching products recently caught my attention (to read it, click here). It presents a "value proposition" statement that I've decided I will one day blow up to poster size and put on the wall of my meeting room or office or foyer or heck, maybe it does belong in an elevator!

It goes like this:

For [target customer] who has [customer need], [product name] is a [market category] that [one key benefit]. Unlike [competitor name], the product [unique differentiator].

Honestly, if anyone is pitching a product or service and cannot fill out the above mad lib, how can they expect their audience to care, much less give them their time and/or money?

With that in mind, here's my value proposition for the lite version of Mana, which I've decided to call "Mana Web," for now:

For anyone with a web page who wants to include interactive 3d content, Mana Web is a model loader and viewer that exports a ready-to-use Html 5 web page (using WebGL). Unlike services like SketchFab and Verold, which are cloud-based, the product allows the customer to upload content to his/her own site or make use of cloud storage alternatives.

Mana is a little harder to pin down because I imagine it having more than one target customer and many potential uses. Here's one stab at it:

For game and app developers who want to mix 2D and 3D content, Mana is a toolkit for crafting software that tracks and seamlessly blends various forms of media. Unlike Unity3D, Mana will satisfy hobbyists with its ease of use (Lua Script, anyone?) and professionals with its lack of restrictions (no $100k cap).

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