Friday, January 31, 2014

Cloudy Thoughts

In a recent post, I wrote about cloud services in a slightly negative light. To be clear, I have nothing against them. Storing projects online is convenient. It makes collaboration simpler. There's no need to install or update licenses! I just received a long-overdue workstation upgrade. When I think about how much time I'll be spending this month just getting it ready for use, part of me dreams of a future when all of my apps are available online.

Indeed, I may offer some kind of cloud service for Mana in the future, or rather partner up with someone that wants to organize that end of things. As a customer, however, I prefer to have an offline option. I don't want to have an internet connection required and unless the cloud is offering some advantage beyond storage, I'd rather not pay monthly for it, either.

I mentioned in a recent post as having something new to offer. It is basically a 3d modeling tool that functions entirely inside a web browser. My first trial with it was pretty unsuccessful, but there's a recent update that looks like a complete overhaul. I'll definitely have to find some time to give it another whirl.

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