Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year, New Goals

For some time, I have been somewhat undecided on the direction to take Mana as a product. My reason for creating it in the first place was that I want to use it for my own projects. However, it did occur to me that others might find it useful and that I could turn that assessment into a small business. The fact is I'd really get a kick out of seeing what people would do with it!

Hint: It's not just for games!

I spend a reasonable amount of time scouring the web and making mental notes on other products and what they offer. When this project began, I wrote a post about Adobe Air and neglected to mention Unity3D, which has clearly taken off and is now one of the go to tools in the game industry. There is no question that I have kept its popularity in mind when considering my business strategy. To a certain extent, I've been withholding Mana as a product until it matches its competition.

I believe the time has come for a small change in direction.

Mana is currently a Windows-only product, having been developed entirely on my aging XP computer and tested on my 8.1 laptop. OS X and Linux versions should be fairly easy ports thanks to BlitzMax, but currently I lack the necessary hardware.

Oh, and fear not, the XP machine will soon be replaced. My girlfriend assures me it is garbage, anyway!

The future is mobile and it would be silly to ignore that enormous market. It has always been my intention to see Mana used as a tool for education. To that end, the more devices that Mana can reach, the better.

That's where WebGL comes in.