Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Busy, Busy

The ThinkMartian web site is fleshed out and much prettier. With over a thousand Lua functions needing descriptions, I decided to spend some time working on a faster way to update the content. I needed a central repository for object data, since it will be used to construct blog posts, Lua glue code, and soon the offline help system.

Since I added MySQL database features a couple of weeks ago, I considered using them to store object help data. But Mana's help system cannot require a database be set up, so - it's XML instead!

I spent a day looking into the possibility of adding the Chromium Embedded Framework. Being able to include web page rendering directly in the Mana engine would open up some exciting possibilities. However, it proved to be a bit more challenging than I'd hoped and I was forced to abandon the effort for the time being.

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