Monday, May 13, 2013

Lifus Interuptus

I had intended to update more often, but an unfortunate act of clumsiness rendered my right hand more or less useless for the past month. In addition, I went on a short trip to Illinois and made some repairs to the condo I was in the process of selling. All of this non-Mana-related stuff has slowed the momentum I had in March.

Never fear, work on Mana continues! At the moment, I am making decisions regarding the interface. I am finding it to be much more work than I anticipated simply because there are so many possible approaches to design and functionality. Since I expect Mana to be ported to many different platforms eventually, I believe it is best to consider those targets when designing the interface. In other words, when Mana is running on Android or iOS, I would prefer that the interface still function in a predictable and consistent way without sacrificing the features we have all come to expect on the PC (and Linux and MacOS) and without having to make many platform-specific exceptions.

To that end, mouse hovers will be limited mostly to highlighting widgets and perhaps providing tool tags for desktops only. Right-click menus will be functional on desktops, but they will also have visible triggers in order to serve touch screens. Of course, it will be possible to use Mana to create virtually any kind of interface, but I think it is important to keep Mana itself reasonably device independent.

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