Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cleaning Out The Cobwebs

Time for a quick update! Work continues on the engine, as always. I spent a few months creating a couple of environments to show off. One of them ended up in the demo videos that I posted in October. The other is a rather large scene that I have put on hold, for now. I decided that I need to refocus on improving the pipeline. However, the process of building gave me the chance to iron out a lot of things that will make the engine more useful. I added a more sophisticated level-of-detail system and a method for generating light maps. It is not quite finished, but it opens up exciting possibilities in terms of creating large-scale worlds.

Since then, I have been crossing off a lot of small items that have been on my list for a long time. I am now using XML almost exclusively for storing all world data. Models, animations, materials, documents, and interface widgets are all using an XML format that is easy to parse and understand. There is still work to do to get them completely consistent, but I am getting close. I think that word, consistency, should be my word of the month. My goal is to clean up all of my (code) objects and make their methods consistent across the board. Almost there...

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