Monday, October 24, 2011

World Debut!

Here it is - my first public unveiling of the project I've been working on for two years. This first video is a quick fly-around in a small, but fairly detailed, home environment that I built to show off my engine's basic rendering features. A bit of drama is supplied by an old film trailer I downloaded from The video is best viewed at 720p. Once you've started it, you can switch to 720p using the button in the lower right corner (under the You in YouTube).

NOTE: Video is no longer available.

The rendering engine is written in OpenGL and works only in a Windows environment, but it should be pretty easily recompiled for Linux and OS X. Support for shaders is almost complete, but needs an additional control layer to make setting them up simpler. There is a system in place for fall backs on hardware that doesn't support shaders and it's about half done. I can render to multiple windows and to textures and there is a pretty nice lighting system with real-time shadows.

I am missing two important engine components. One is interior space culling and I intend to write a portal system to fill that gap. Having written one before in Blitz Basic, I am confident that I can pull that off in less than six weeks. The other is a physics system. I do have collisions working and that is enough to pull off some basic simulations. That will do for now, but I have also found a freebie Newton physics module that, with a bit of tinkering, will provide more robust functionality. Eventually, I'd like to do a complete port of the Bullet physics library.

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